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Tantron Thermostat Smart Panel 2.6" Temperature...
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The 2.6" KNX smart touch panel fan coil thermostat controller is a multifunctional control panel. It has an elegant appearance, high quality aluminum frame, only 9mm thick body. The smart touch panel is equipped with temperature sensor, humidity, laser detection. Touch controller has 10 programmable pages in addition to the thermostat and fan coil function. Scenarios, dimmer, on\off switching, curtains, shutters, thermostat, customizable climatic conditions. The icons and language of the smart touch panel thermostat are modifiable via tool Setting of the laser detection sensor up to 120cm with switching objects and dimmers The touch panel requires an additional 12-24V (<50mA) power supply Fan coil thermostat mounting is done via a 55mm wall box Frame included (options: Black, Siver, Bronze)

€210.00 Regular price €325.00
Tantron Smart Touch Panel 4"
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Smart Touch panel 4" KNX have resolution of 480*480. It was made with elegant appearance, high-grade aluminum frame, body only 9mm thick. The Smart Touch panel 4" KNX integrated multifunction including dimming, switch, scene, curtain, air condition. IT support text, icon, layout,text customization. Are built-in temperature and humidity sensor, support laser function and human body sensing. The smart touch panel 4" KNX  can get weather information through external weather station. 

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KNX EnOcean 636 Secure Gateway is a bidirectional gateway between EnOcean wireless devices and the KNX bus. With the KNX EnOcean 636, commands and measured values from wireless EnOcean sensors can be transmitted to the KNX bus. It allows both KNX actuators and EnOcean actuators to be controlled via the KNX bus. The KNX EnOcean 636 Secure Gateway supports encrypted radio communication with security-enabled EnOcean devices. In addition, the Secure Gateway provides control and logic functions and includes a wireless repeater. The KNX EnOcean 636 supports more than 100 profiles with its 32 radio channels. Enables easy and secure connection of various KNX devices and EnOcean sensors and actuators. Commissioning is as simple as usual: With all 32 channels, encryption can be activated individually. Subsequently EnOcean sensors and actuators, which support safety, can be taught in. The user gets more safety without loss of comfort.

€385.56 Regular price €428.40
EAE EAE Technology 12" Valesa Touch Panel KNX...

Using state-of-the-art technologies, Valesa Touch Panel enables you to manage your living environment :


General Description:

  • 11.6” capacitive touch panel
  • 8 dry contact inputs, 6 outputs (optional)
  • Dual ethernet connection for home and building networks
  • Complete data saving in case of power failure
  • Customized device orientation (vertical or horizontal)
  • Linux operating system • Flicker free screen
  • Unlimited location creation • Conformity with the CE directives
  • Controllable elements: Illumination, heating/cooling, air conditioning, curtain and blinds, valves, security sensors, burglar alarm, concierge services, building management services, IP cameras (H.264 RTSP), SIP video door phone
  • Built in microphone and speakers
  • Sip server
  • Meanwell - 12Vdc 5.0A Power Supply
  • Mounting box of Valesa Touch Panel 
  • Colour: Mustang Gray,Anthracite ,Pearl White

€1,200.00 Regular price €1,829.00
Ingenium* Bes BES Vertical Capacitive Touch Screen 4,3"...

The panel has been designed to show all controls on a single page including 8 (up to 32 into 4 pages). It also includes a specific interface for climate control with an internal thermostat. The ability of the panel to generate a wifi network to allow it to be controlled locally from any iOS or Android device, simply by downloading the official Ingenium applications. 


The KNX IP BAOS 777 is a powerful universal device for KNX installation: Thanks to the integrated web server, the device enables the visualization and control of buildings, rooms and functions in a standard web browser on a PC or mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The new, integrated e-mail function allows individual notification of several recipients, e.g. in case of status changes or an alarm. The integration of a Date & Time Server (NTP) makes it possible to obtain the date and time automatically via the Internet and to synchronize one’s own KNX installation. Extensive time functions allow the realisation of a powerful KNX time switch with weekly function.The configuration is done exclusively with the ETS software – no extra software or tool is required. The device also offers the function of a KNX IP interface (KNXnet/IP), for example as a programming interface for the ETS. Developers can access all functions via an API with BAOS RESTful Web Services. This allows the device to be used as an application-specific gateway, connecting the KNX bus to the existing IP infrastructure. The KNX IP BAOS 777 represents a powerful residential gateway for building control with smallest size and minimal power consumption.

Thinka KNX Voice Control Visualisation...

Thinka for KNX allows you control your home with Siri and Alexa.

Thinka allows you to manage your lights, switches, curtains, (Venetian) blinds and climate control. And it reads sensors such as temperature, humidity, CO2, motion, contact and occupancy.

You can use Apple's Home App on your iPhone or iPad to switch on lights, close the curtains or turn up the heat. Or do it all at once with HomeKit scenes. And share with all people in your household.

The Thinka is typically installed on the DIN-rail, connected to KNX via twisted pair, Ethernet and power. 

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Interra Iswitch PI Control LCD 4 Button Plastic...

iSwitch is a wall-mounting room controller with LCD device for on/off switching of loads, dimming of lighting devices, control of motor drives or other programmable switching and control functions. The product is equipped with integrated temperature sensor, humidity sensor and ambient sensor. iSwitch can act as a room probe or thermostat, both in heating and cooling mode.Body gateway included

Ingenium* Bes BES WebServer KNX Remote Control iOS...

The webserver all

ows to control a KNX installation using an iOS, Android or Samsung Smart TV devices remotely through the Ingenium server or a PC connected to the internet with any type of web browser. This webserver has Wi-Fi connectivity and 1 Ethernet port (10 Mbit/sec). The control applications are completely free.  




Enertex® E.B® SynOhr KNX Room Controller Voice...

SynOhr® MultiSense KNX Premium:

  • MultiSense KNX Standard command
  • Self-sufficient Speech Recognition with 40 commands
  • Speech recognition wildcard commands
  • Monitoring of noise levels (as a baby monitor)
  • Display of 28 characters with auto-scrolling on the dot matrix
  • Use of the dot matrix on the display of icons
  • Different Effects for the Ring and Ambient lightning
  • Master/slave mode