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Sharing EV Charger

Sharing EV Charger is a project to improve the lives of citizens by testing smart solutions for cleaner and more efficient cities. It Is a new systems for urban energy management, building retrofitting, electric mobility and smart street lights. All these applications are reducing carbon emissions in cities. The Sharing EV Charger In addition to making everyday life more convenient and convenient for residents. Sharing EV Charger is testing and evaluating these smart city solutions. Together with citizens and creating channels to make them more affordable and better suited to the needs of cities. They are doing this by promoting international collaboration between cities and the private sector.

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DomoEnergySmart e-Station Smart Ev Home Charger 7Kw Type...
  • Tensione nominale  
  • Corrente di uscita massima
  • Frequenza
  • Potenza massima in uscita
  • Pulsante di arresto di emergenza
  • Schermo
  • Funzione RFID 
  • Protezione corrente residua 
  • Presa di ricarica
  • Materiale della custodia
  • Pannello frontale
  • Metodo di installazione
  • Standard di sicurezza
  • MTBF
  • Garanzia
  • 230VAC ±10% 
  • 32A  
  • 50/60Hz
  • 7.8kw
  • Si
  • LCD
  • 3pz Card
  • Tipo A 30mA+DC6mA
  • Tipo 2 / 4.5m
  • PCV0
  • PC
  • Parete / Pavimento
  • EN 61851-1
  • 100.000h
  • 2 Anni