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Energy Gas Water

Energy Gas Water the best solutions for monitoring consumption and for greater plant efficiency. Today it is difficult to achieve effective monitoring, accurate metering, billing and control from installed energy, gas and water meters. Domo Energy has chosen the best partners for Energy Gas Water meters with IoT solutions. Thanks to our Smart Meter and monitoring  solutions we will be able to improve the service, intelligently manage expenses and improve their quality.In addition, you will be able to view the data and consumption of Energy Gas Water from the Smart Meters wherever you are. LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, 4G and 5G .

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Milesight Smart Current Transformer

Smart Current Transformer LoRaWAN is an intelligent current transformer for remote energy monitoring and consumption analysis. The CT10x Smart Current Transformer LoRaWAN device provides multiple current options to suit energy monitoring and supports sending threshold alarms. Smart Current Transformer LoRaWAN is compact size and clamp design allows it to be installed in any interior space quickly and safely without de-energizing a structure, simplifying installation and saving costs. The current transformer complies with all gateways on the market. Thanks to the Milesight LoRaWAN® gateway and Milesight IoT Cloud solution, CT10x can be monitored remotely via web page or mobile app. CT10x is used for electricity generation monitoring, smart building billing, machine failure detection and prevention, etc.

DomoEnergySmart Heat-LoRa Metering Ultrasonic DN15

Heat-LoRa Metering Ultrasonic DN15 is an innovative heat meter with static flow sensor based on the ultrasonic measuring principle with LoRaWAN technology. The Heat-LoRa Metering is designed to measure heat usage where water is the hot/cold carrier medium. Heat-LoRa meters are devices designed to detect the thermal energy supplied by a source, measuring the temperature variation between the input and output of the system.Heat-LoRa Metering Ultrasonic also available in the DN20-25-32-40 version

  • Pipe diameter : DN15
  • Minimum flow rate, qi (m³/h) : 0.02
  • Permanent flow rate, qp (m³/h) : 1.5
  • Maximum flow rate, qs (m³/h) : 3.0
  • Connection : G3/4'
  • Length (mm) : 110
  • Width (mm) : 96
Electricity-LoRa Three Phase Meter 1/5A CT...

Electricity-LoRa Three Phase Meter 1/5A CT MID is an advanced multifunctional three-phase energy monitoring solution, with an integrated LoRaWAN module. The Three-Phase Meter transmits data wirelessly to any LoRaWAN gateway. Electricity-LoRa measures and displays the characteristics of three-phase three-wire (3p3w) and three-phase four-wire (3p4w) systems. The LoRaWAN MID Counter displays the parameters: KWh, kVArh, kW, kVAr, kVA, PF, Frequency, Voltage, Current, dmd. THD etc. Energy is measured in terms of kWh, kVArh. The maximum required current can be measured over preset periods of up to 60 minutes. The required current inputs are obtained via current transformers (CTs). Electricity-LoRa Three Phase Meter 1/5A CT MID can be configured to operate with a wide range of CTs, giving the unit a wide range of operations. The configuration is password protected.

DomoEnergySmart MID Smart Meter SDM 230 Monofase...
Sold: 4

The SDM230 series is an advanced single phase digital multifunction energy meter, measuring up to 100A of direct load. The unit measures active energy, reactive energy, current, voltage, power, power factor, frequency, demand, etc. Bi-directional metering makes this unit the ideal choice for solar photovoltaic metering. A remote communication port is provided, RS485 Modbus RTU and communication parameters are password protected in configuration mode. The user can check the data and set up the instrument via the buttons on the front panel. This series has been evaluated and certified as conforming to the requirements of the EC Directive 2004/22 / EC. The number of the EC type examination certificate is 0120 / SGS0206.

  • MID B&D approved - 0120 / SGS0198
  • Single phase (1P2W)
  • Multifunction
  • 100A AC
  • 230V AC
  • RS485 Modbus RTU
  • Double pulse outputs
  • 2 DIN module
  • Backlit digital display
  • 4 measurement modes for kW readings
DomoEnergySmart LoRa-Water Metering Ultrasonic & Valve...
Sold: 1

LoRa-Water Metering Ultrasonic & Valve Control is an ultrasonic water meter with LoRaWAN technology. Provides an all-in-one smart water meter solution, offers measuring range ratio up to R400 (Q3/Q1). LoRa-Water Metering Ultrasonic & Valve Control is far better than the standard mechanical water meter. LoRa-Water Metering allows remote control of the valve to block the flow of water. The Ultrasonic Meter is designed for indoor installation in non-condensing environments with ambient temperatures from 5~55°C. The Valve Control meter has IP68 protection class which allows for long term submersion. Make sure that the meter is installed far enough away from possible sources of electromagnetic interference (switches, electric motors, fluorescent lamps, etc.). LoRa-Water Metering Ultrasonic & Valve Control Also available in the DN20 version

  • Minimum Flow Rate, Q1 (m3/h) @R400 : 0.00625
  • Permanent Flow Rate, Q3 (m3/h) : 2.5
  • Connection : G3/4'
  • Length (mm): 165
  • Width (mm) : 90
  • Height (mm) : 103
  • Flow Meter Connector : R1/2'
Milesight Electricity-LoRa Socket IoT Metering

Electricity-LoRa Socket IoT Metering is a LoRaWAN smart portable socket for monitoring and controlling electrical appliances. Adopting most international plug types, Electricity-LoRa Socket IoT Metering can be used to turn on or off electrical devices locally or remotely. Electricity-LoRa Socket IoT measures entered energy consumption data and even send over-current alarms. the Portable Socket IoT Metering is compatible with Milesight IoT Cloud solution, compatible with all LoRaWAN network servers. Socket IoT Metering can be monitored and controlled via web page or mobile remotely App and triggered by other Milesight sensors. The Portable Socket IoT Metering can be widely used for wireless control of indoor lights, fans, heaters, machines, etc.

DomoEnergySmart BCO-X Smart Ultrasonic Water Meter MID...

BCO-X Smart Ultrasonic Water Meter MID LoRaWAN is a new generation ultrasonic water meter. BCO-X has no moving parts, looks like IP68 and its body is made of durable brass material. This rugged design makes the BCO-X maintenance free and highly accurate throughout the flexible battery life of 10 or 15 years depending on customers requirements. Leak detection function within the meter aids troubleshooting, end of service and saving of the most important source of life, water. Versions available on request (DN20,DN25, DN32, DN40)


SMART ENERGY METER  is a 5-80A 220V Class 1 50Hz IP51 degree Lorawan smart meter with a prepayment function. The communication is Lorawan and ttl, for Lorawan the frequency band is EU868MHz,and AS923MHz and US915MHz under preparation. It can measure the active energy, active power, voltage, current, frequency, power factor etc. With the built-in latching relay, it can cut off remotely when insufficient credit. Din rail installation hence it's easy to fit, LCD displaying, you can readout and paging by button. It's excellent for long-range communication and widely used in smart home and smart city.

DomoEnergySmart Gas-LoRa Ultrasonic Smart Meter G-2.5

Gas-LoRa Ultrasonic Smart Meter is an ultrasonic residential gas meter with LoraWAN communication. The Gas-LoRa meter is used to measure the volume of natural and liquefied gas used, with conversion at standard conditions of 20°C. Residential Gas-LoRa is a product from the size range G-1.6, G-2.5, G-4. The Gas-LoRa Ultrasonic Smart Meter is made in a compact design. It has no moving mechanical parts and allows for mounting in a confined space. The meter measurement system provides high-precision metrological characteristics.

  • Minimum flow rate Qmin, m³/h 0.0.25
  • Transient flow rate Qt, m³/h 0.4
  • Maximum flow rate Qmax, m³/h 0.4
  • Qmax 4.00 m3/h
  • Working pressure 10.00KPa
  • Supply voltage 3.6V
  • Excessive ambient pressure, kPa ≤50
  • Ambient temperature, °C -25…+75
  • Gas temperature, °C -25…+55
  • Lithium battery voltage, 3.6V
  • Overall dimensions LxPxH, mm 82x85x193
  • Weight kg 0.9
  • Average useful life, years >15
  •   Connection size 1" (3/4")
  • IP54 ingress protection rating
DomoEnergySmart Gas-LoRa Ultrasonic Smart Meter V2 G-2.5

Gas-LoRa Ultrasonic Smart Meter V2 G-2.5 is an ultrasonic gas meter (therefore with low insertion loss) based on LoRaWAN technology. The Smart Meter is ideal for prepaid gas supply services (Pay per Use). Thanks to the Gas-LoRa shut-off valve Ultrasonic Smart Meter can interrupt the gas supply. The Ultrasonic Smart Meter allows monitoring of the achievement of the maximum budget foreseen or of anomalous data (possible losses). Gas-LoRa is the ideal device also for Building Automation systems where hourly consumption monitoring is required. Gas-LoRa Ultrasonic Smart Meter is mainly suitable for charge control of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, biogas and other gases with working pressure of 0.5-20kPa. This product complies with the GB/T 39841-2021 standard.

DomoEnergySmart MID Smart Meter X96-5J Trifase Ethernet...

The X96-5J multifunction energy analyzer is a new generation intelligent panel meter with integrated RS485 Modbus RTU and Ethernet TC / IP communication interfaces. Equipped with digital inputs and outputs for the reception of external signals and it is possible to set the alarms up to 30 parameters.The unit can be used as a gateway for Modbus RTU / TCP. SMART X96 measures and displays the characteristics of the 1p2w, 3p4w and 3p3w, including voltage, frequency, current, power and active and reactive energy, imported or exported, harmonic, power factor, max. Question etc. Energy is measured in terms of kWh, kVArh and kVAh. The maximum required current can be measured over preset periods of up to 60 minutes.

  • Multiparametric measurements
  • Up to 63rd THD and IHD
  • RS485 Modbus RTU
  • TCP Ethernet gateway
  • Multiple rates
  • Digital input / output
  • Accuracy class 0.5 seconds
  • Bar graph for power indication
  • Backlit LCD display for full viewing angles
  • Push-in installation and plug-in connection
DomoEnergySmart Energy Meter Multifunction Remote Control...

The SDM530C is a three phase multi-function remote control energy meter. It measures all important electrical parameters, such as Active Energy (kWh), Current (A), Voltage (V), Frequency(Hz), Power Factor, Power Demand, import and export energy etc. With built-in relay inside, the meter can be remotely controlled to turn on or off the electricity supply via RS485. The user can also set alarm objects and alarm level, once the alarm is activated the relay will be turned off.

  • Max.100A Direct Connect
  • Multifunction Measurement, Displays Scrollable Settings
  • Support AMR, SCADA system
  • Remote Control with Bulit-in Realy
  •  White Backlit LCD Display
  • Din Rail Mounting 35mm