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The Smart Metering is the digitization and automation of various types of energy meters. The term smart metering refers to the use of intelligent energy meters and measurement tools to make energy consumption transparent in buildings and realize automatic dell'energia.l'utilizzo prince management is to monitor the buildings against damage or abnormal conditions (eg. breakage of water pipes); check and view your consumption habits, eg. to save energy costs, issue short-term energy bills when there is a change of tenants; get complete information about the use of energy in the building with the aim of releasing an energy certificate etc ...

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Blumotix BX EIB/KNX Energy & Power Meters BX-ES02
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A KNX device for measuring Alternating Electrical Current. This device measures the alternating current absorbed on an electrical line and indirectly provides the power values that can be used to determine the amount of electrical power consumed.The 3 channels can be programmed independently by ETS to carry out energy saving operations. Current clamps not included 

Enertex® E.B® KNX Smart Meter Analysis Power...

IT is a bidirectional meter for measurement of active and reactive energy or power, respectively. Further it features an analysis of power supply quality.Measurements can be performed in a 3-phase system or in three independent 1-phase system.(current, voltage, active power, reactive power, active energy, reactive energy, power factor, THD-U, THD-I harmonics, unbalanced load, zero system current) 

€327.50 Regular price €369.00
L&J Knx Elster Gas meter DN20 / 0,04-6 m³/h
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he available parameters allow you to define the following outputs:

  • Meter value (m³)
  • High-resolution meter value (10 l)
  • Meter status 
  • Serial number and meter number 
  • Relative up counter Meter value / Reset
  • Relative down counter Meter value / Reset / Zero
  • Output 15min / 60min difference (m³)
  • Due date billing Date / Set     
€395.00 Regular price €525.00