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Tantron Universal Input dimmer on-off up-down

Universal Input dimmer on-off up-down is used to connect the conventional buttons with the KNX system.The 4-channel KNX Universal Input dimmer on-off is equipped with outputs for 5Vdc status LEDs. While the 8-channel KNX Universal Input dimmer on-off up-down does not have the output for the LED lights. It is a multifunction device for controlling dimmers, on-off switching, movement of shutters and up-down shutters. In addition, the functions of impulse counter, scenario management, forcing values and sequences are provided. The extremely compact design allows you to place the device in a conventional 60mm box. The universal interface connects to the bus via the EIB connection terminals. Universal binary input interface uses no additional supply voltage. the physical address and parameter setting is done using the Engineering ETS design tools.

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Tantron Binary Imput 32IN

The  Binary Input Universal Interfaces achieve the functional applications via conventional push buttons/switches, communicate by technical binary, which are used to control the devices such as the Dimmer Actuator/the Relay Actuator, to control domestic appliance indirectly. At the same time, they also enable the control of LEDs. The extremely compact design enables the device to be inserted in a conventional 60 mm wiring box or another type can be installed in the distribution boards on 35mm mounting rails according to EN60715. 

The Universal Interfaces have many functions that can be used in a wide variety of application areas. The following list provides an overview:

---Switching and dimming function.

---Control of blinds and shutters.

---Sending of values e.g. temperature values、water line.

---Invocate and storing of scenes.

---Trigger an LED for reporting an operation.

---Operation of various loads by multiple push button actions.

---Operation of several loads in a fixed switching sequence.

---Standard counting and differential counting.

Each channel of a device can adopt any of the functions described above.

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