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DomoEnergySmart PV 400W KiT Plug & Play

PV 400W KiT Plug & Play is a PLUG-IN photovoltaic system consisting of a 400W solar panel with integrated inverter. Thanks to PV 400W KiT Plug & Play you will reduce your energy costs with the help of the sun. The photovoltaic panel converts solar energy into electricity and feeds it into your home network. By installing PV 400W KiT Plug & Play you can use the energy of the sun for all electrical appliances in the house. This system will allow you to purchase from the public network only the energy that the 400W PV does not generate. The kit plugs directly into the home socket and therefore does not need either electricians or technicians. With KiT Solar anyone can install their PLUG-IN photovoltaic system in a few minutes. With the KiT PV Plug & Play you will contribute to safeguarding the environment.