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Electricity-LoRa Three Phase Meter 1/5A CT...

Electricity-LoRa Three Phase Meter 1/5A CT MID is an advanced multifunctional three-phase energy monitoring solution, with an integrated LoRaWAN module. The Three-Phase Meter transmits data wirelessly to any LoRaWAN gateway. Electricity-LoRa measures and displays the characteristics of three-phase three-wire (3p3w) and three-phase four-wire (3p4w) systems. The LoRaWAN MID Counter displays the parameters: KWh, kVArh, kW, kVAr, kVA, PF, Frequency, Voltage, Current, dmd. THD etc. Energy is measured in terms of kWh, kVArh. The maximum required current can be measured over preset periods of up to 60 minutes. The required current inputs are obtained via current transformers (CTs). Electricity-LoRa Three Phase Meter 1/5A CT MID can be configured to operate with a wide range of CTs, giving the unit a wide range of operations. The configuration is password protected.

Milesight Electricity-LoRa Socket IoT Metering

Electricity-LoRa Socket IoT Metering is a LoRaWAN smart portable socket for monitoring and controlling electrical appliances. Adopting most international plug types, Electricity-LoRa Socket IoT Metering can be used to turn on or off electrical devices locally or remotely. Electricity-LoRa Socket IoT measures entered energy consumption data and even send over-current alarms. the Portable Socket IoT Metering is compatible with Milesight IoT Cloud solution, compatible with all LoRaWAN network servers. Socket IoT Metering can be monitored and controlled via web page or mobile remotely App and triggered by other Milesight sensors. The Portable Socket IoT Metering can be widely used for wireless control of indoor lights, fans, heaters, machines, etc.