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DomoEnergySmart Gas-LoRa Ultrasonic Smart Meter V2 G-2.5

Gas-LoRa Ultrasonic Smart Meter V2 G-2.5 is an ultrasonic gas meter (therefore with low insertion loss) based on LoRaWAN technology. The Smart Meter is ideal for prepaid gas supply services (Pay per Use). Thanks to the Gas-LoRa shut-off valve Ultrasonic Smart Meter can interrupt the gas supply. The Ultrasonic Smart Meter allows monitoring of the achievement of the maximum budget foreseen or of anomalous data (possible losses). Gas-LoRa is the ideal device also for Building Automation systems where hourly consumption monitoring is required. Gas-LoRa Ultrasonic Smart Meter is mainly suitable for charge control of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, biogas and other gases with working pressure of 0.5-20kPa. This product complies with the GB/T 39841-2021 standard.

DomoEnergySmart Gas-LoRa Ultrasonic Smart Meter G-2.5

Gas-LoRa Ultrasonic Smart Meter is an ultrasonic residential gas meter with LoraWAN communication. The Gas-LoRa meter is used to measure the volume of natural and liquefied gas used, with conversion at standard conditions of 20°C. Residential Gas-LoRa is a product from the size range G-1.6, G-2.5, G-4. The Gas-LoRa Ultrasonic Smart Meter is made in a compact design. It has no moving mechanical parts and allows for mounting in a confined space. The meter measurement system provides high-precision metrological characteristics.

  • Minimum flow rate Qmin, m³/h 0.0.25
  • Transient flow rate Qt, m³/h 0.4
  • Maximum flow rate Qmax, m³/h 0.4
  • Qmax 4.00 m3/h
  • Working pressure 10.00KPa
  • Supply voltage 3.6V
  • Excessive ambient pressure, kPa ≤50
  • Ambient temperature, °C -25…+75
  • Gas temperature, °C -25…+55
  • Lithium battery voltage, 3.6V
  • Overall dimensions LxPxH, mm 82x85x193
  • Weight kg 0.9
  • Average useful life, years >15
  •   Connection size 1" (3/4")
  • IP54 ingress protection rating