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DomoEnergySmart Heat-LoRa Metering Ultrasonic DN15

Heat-LoRa Metering Ultrasonic DN15 is an innovative heat meter with static flow sensor based on the ultrasonic measuring principle with LoRaWAN technology. The Heat-LoRa Metering is designed to measure heat usage where water is the hot/cold carrier medium. Heat-LoRa meters are devices designed to detect the thermal energy supplied by a source, measuring the temperature variation between the input and output of the system.Heat-LoRa Metering Ultrasonic also available in the DN20-25-32-40 version

  • Pipe diameter : DN15
  • Minimum flow rate, qi (m³/h) : 0.02
  • Permanent flow rate, qp (m³/h) : 1.5
  • Maximum flow rate, qs (m³/h) : 3.0
  • Connection : G3/4'
  • Length (mm) : 110
  • Width (mm) : 96