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HVAC Clima

HVAC Clima LoRA is the solution to autonomously manage the control of a facility's HVAC systems using data from devices with wireless sensors that continuously monitor CO2 levels, temperature, humidity and room occupancy on time real. Our solutions use the LoRaWAN protocol which is increasingly digitally transforming property management with simplified and intelligent solutions around the world.

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Milesight Smart Fan Coil Thermostat

Fan Coil LoRaWAN Thermostat is an advanced touch screen room thermostat specifically developed to supervise the operation of fans and valves in air conditioning applications where a fan coil unit (FCU) is adopted. By continuously comparing the room temperature with the preset desired temperature, the Fan Coil LoRaWAN Thermostat allows both proactive management and automatic control based on predefined logic. This ensures the LoRaWAN Fan Coil Thermostat achieves optimal comfort and energy efficiency in the controlled environment. With wireless sensing and easy setup, the fan coil thermostat offers reliable and convenient optimization of room temperature arrangement. It is compatible with all standard LoRaWAN® gateways, enabling real-time monitoring of environmental status for effective remote management

Milesight Thermo-LoRa Radiator Thermostat

Thermo-LoRa Radiator Thermostat provides automatic and intelligent heating control based on accurate monitoring of room temperature. The Thermo-LoRa WT101 Smart Thermostatic Head can individually control temperatures room by room. By monitoring the room temperature, Thermo-LoRa Thermostat automatically regulates the amount of hot water entering the connected radiator. The Radiator Thermostat is a LoRaWAN device for automatic temperature control. The Radiator control device is equipped with heating plans , child lock, frost protection, open window detection and tamper alarm

Milesight Smart Thermostat

The LoRaWAN WT201 Smart Thermostat is a device designed for use as an HVAC controller that supports a wide range of heating and cooling systems, including heat pumps, air conditioning, boilers, furnaces, AHUs, and PTAC devices. The WT201 Smart Thermostat supports several operating modes including hot/cold, emergent heat, automatic mode and fan mode, enabling precise temperature adjustment within buildings.
It allows automatic control via hourly scheduling and remote management via cloud. Real-time monitoring ensures timely alerts in case of sudden temperature changes, prioritizing the safety of people and protection of property. The device LoRaWAN WT201 Smart Thermostat has the capacity to store up to 1,000 records, ensuring extensive data security. With the 4.2-inch LCD screen and a built-in temperature sensor, the The LoRaWAN WT201 Smart Thermostat continuously displays the status of the room and ambient temperature. It also supports different time zones and summer/solar time. The thermostat integrates seamlessly with hotel room card management systems, enabling convenient remote management.

DomoEnergySmart HVAC LoRa Fan Controller

HVAC LoRa Fan Controller is a touch screen chronothermostat with LoRaWAN technology. The HVAC device combines the functions of both a room thermostat and a timed Hot & Cold regulator. The HVAC LoRa Fan Controller will allow you to select different temperatures at 7 different times of the day or week. Furthermore, the HVAC LoRa device can be used both as a thermostat and as a clock. HVAC LoRa in thermostat mode is fully programmable. In fact, the HVAC Fan Controller allows you to make time and temperature settings. In clock mode the HVAC will simply perform an on-off regardless of the temperature. The LoRa chronothermostat is a device adopted for efficient energy saving. Available in white or black, (Specify when ordering).Dimensions (W/H/D) 96 * 86 * 13.8 (mm)