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Interra Line Coupler

Basic functionality of the TP line coupler ITR901-002 is coupling two KNX TP lines (main line and subline) providing galvanic isolation in between. Due to its flexibility ITR901-002 coupler unit can be used as KNX line coupler or KNX area coupler (to connect a TP line to a TP area or backbone) or KNX repeater (without filtering). Operational and filtering states, malfunction and faulty communication are indicated by LEDs. 



EAE EAE Technology IPR100 IP Router KNXnet/IP...
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EAE KNX IP router is used as a line or backbone coupler to ensure communication between KNXnet/IP and TP KNX bus line. Electrical insulation is also achieved between the linked lines.

  • EAE KNX IP router is a tunneling and routing device. IPR100 is used as a gateway between IP and KNX bus line for commissioning and monitoring purposes. (It is also possible to simultaneously create 4 KNXnet/IP connections).
  • Simultaneous connection to two different KNX systems and transmission of telegrams between the local network and different buses
  • IP address assignment manually or by DHCP server
  • Option to block or allow telegrams between KNX and IP regarding configured filter table
  • Deactivation of filter table using on-device buttons for quick diagnosis
  • Functional status information with 6 LEDs on device