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Kit Hotel Room RF

The Kit Hotel Room RF is an ideal KNX RF solution for all environments where it is not possible to pass cables. Thanks to the Kit Hotel Room RF you will not give up on the management and control of the room. The Kit is fully integrated into a KNX home automation system. This ensures that the KNX Kit finds applications in Hotels, B&B, Hospitals, Villas, apartments, etc. The kit consists of an RF/TP gateway for the transmission and reception of RF telegrams (868Mhz). The KNX RF Kit includes a window contact for stopping the heating / cooling. A sensor is inserted for measuring temperature, humidity and brightness for greater comfort in the environment and for climate management. A universal interface powered at 230V capable of carrying out on/off commands, shutter management, dimming or scenarios. The Room Control Kit is completed with a 2-channel multifunction actuator for light or shutter management.

Kit Hotel Room RF | Knx Solution component:

  • CO K5X 002
  • SE K5X 003
  • SE K5X 010
  • EM K5X 004
  • PE K5X 002
€585.00 Regular price €850.00
DomoEnergyStore Multi-Zone Heating & Remote Control

Kit KNX "Multi-Zone Heating & Remote Control" controls the 2-point heating system distributed in 5 separate zones.For each zone, a thermostat and temperature sensor are provided, which through the actuator controls the opening and closing of the individual electrovalve and the boiler. The web server allows remote control of smartphones, PCs and tablets.