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DomoEnergySmart LoRa-Water Metering Ultrasonic & Valve...
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LoRa-Water Metering Ultrasonic & Valve Control is an ultrasonic water meter with LoRaWAN technology. Provides an all-in-one smart water meter solution, offers measuring range ratio up to R400 (Q3/Q1). LoRa-Water Metering Ultrasonic & Valve Control is far better than the standard mechanical water meter. LoRa-Water Metering allows remote control of the valve to block the flow of water. The Ultrasonic Meter is designed for indoor installation in non-condensing environments with ambient temperatures from 5~55°C. The Valve Control meter has IP68 protection class which allows for long term submersion. Make sure that the meter is installed far enough away from possible sources of electromagnetic interference (switches, electric motors, fluorescent lamps, etc.). LoRa-Water Metering Ultrasonic & Valve Control Also available in the DN20 version

  • Minimum Flow Rate, Q1 (m3/h) @R400 : 0.00625
  • Permanent Flow Rate, Q3 (m3/h) : 2.5
  • Connection : G3/4'
  • Length (mm): 165
  • Width (mm) : 90
  • Height (mm) : 103
  • Flow Meter Connector : R1/2'
DomoEnergySmart BCO-X Smart Ultrasonic Water Meter MID...

BCO-X Smart Ultrasonic Water Meter MID LoRaWAN is a new generation ultrasonic water meter. BCO-X has no moving parts, looks like IP68 and its body is made of durable brass material. This rugged design makes the BCO-X maintenance free and highly accurate throughout the flexible battery life of 10 or 15 years depending on customers requirements. Leak detection function within the meter aids troubleshooting, end of service and saving of the most important source of life, water. Versions available on request (DN20,DN25, DN32, DN40)