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Ingenium* Bes BES Vertical Touch Buttons Temperature...

Vertical Capacitive push-button with 6 independent touch areas, completely programmable.LED indicator associated with each touch areas. Square format. Universal distribution box size. In-built temperature sensor to measure and to send the information to KNX BUS. 

  • Supply: 29V DC from KNX BUS
  • 88 x 129 x 4mm (13mm depth)
  • Mounted on universal box, screwed on wall   
Ingenium* Bes Bes Thermostat Temperature Control &...
Sold: 1

  • Includes PI regulator for controlling temperature with higher accuracy for better energy efciency and comfort 
  • On/Off, PWM or continuous temperature controller for main heat/cool system and additional. 
  • Dew point measurement according to relative humidity and temperature.
  • Easy Logic Unit.
  • Available in the White version
  • Optional Front glass interchangeable,  print customizable. 
Ingenium* Bes BES Dimmer LED 2x200W
  • 2 Regulation channels for LED lighti ng 
  • 2 low voltage input (SELV) for pushbutton (non programmable) 
  • 8 Programmable scenes executed from bus commands 
  • Remote enable / disable of bus control
  • Overload circuit protection and thermal protection 
  • Digital regulation control based on microcontroller with more than 200 regulation points 
  • Last position memory in case of power failure