AgRi-PH LoRa Soil Sensor

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AgRi-PH LoRa Soil Sensor It measures the pH (3-9pH) of the soil. Soil pH plays an important role in plant growth. Plants can normally grow in a wide range, but various plants have their own suitable pH. Reasonable control of the soil pH value promotes healthy crop growth. In addition, the Soil Sensor is used for the treatment of waste water in aqueous solution. AgRi-PH LoRa Soil Sensor has the characteristics of a wide measuring range, good linearity, convenient use, easy installation, long transmission distance thanks to the LoRaWAN protocol. The AgRi-PH sensor is used in countless applications: water-saving agricultural irrigation, meteorological monitoring; greenhouses, flowers and vegetables. Soil test; fields that require soil moisture measurement, such as plant cultivation and scientific experiments.

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New product

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AgRi-NPK LoRa Soil Sensor

AgRi-NPK LoRa Soil Sensor Detects the concentrations of nitrogen (NH2), phosphorus (H3PO4) and potassium (K) in the soil. These elements are necessary to evaluate the fertility status of the soil. The NPK sensor is suitable for all types of soil. This sensor can be buried long term with excellent resistance to electrolysis and corrosion. Furthermore, AgRi-NPK Soil Sensor is completely waterproof. AgRi-NPK LoRa Soil Sensor has the characteristics of a large measuring range, good linearity, convenient use, easy installation. Thanks to the LoraWAN transmission it allows a long distance signal coverage. The fields of application are innumerable: shed for greenhouses, flowers and vegetables. Also it can be used for grass pasture, quick soil measurement, vegetable cultivation.

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