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Tantron Smart Touch Panel 4"
Sold: 4

Smart Touch panel 4" KNX have resolution of 480*480. It was made with elegant appearance, high-grade aluminum frame, body only 9mm thick. The Smart Touch panel 4" KNX integrated multifunction including dimming, switch, scene, curtain, air condition. IT support text, icon, layout,text customization. Are built-in temperature and humidity sensor, support laser function and human body sensing. The smart touch panel 4" KNX  can get weather information through external weather station. 

€245.00 Regular price €360.00
Tantron Thermostat Smart Panel 2.6" Temperature...
Sold: 6

The 2.6" KNX smart touch panel fan coil thermostat controller is a multifunctional control panel. It has an elegant appearance, high quality aluminum frame, only 9mm thick body. The smart touch panel is equipped with temperature sensor, humidity, laser detection. Touch controller has 10 programmable pages in addition to the thermostat and fan coil function. Scenarios, dimmer, on\off switching, curtains, shutters, thermostat, customizable climatic conditions. The icons and language of the smart touch panel thermostat are modifiable via tool Setting of the laser detection sensor up to 120cm with switching objects and dimmers The touch panel requires an additional 12-24V (<50mA) power supply Fan coil thermostat mounting is done via a 55mm wall box Frame included (options: Black, Siver, Bronze)

€210.00 Regular price €325.00
Tantron 640mA Power Supply EIB
Sold: 1

The 640mA power supply EIB produces and monitors the voltage for the KNX system.

The connection to the bus line takes place via a red/black terminal.

Also the bus line is decoupled from the p. supply with the integrated inductance.

Furthermore 640mA power supply EIB KNX is equipped with an auxiliary voltage of 30Vdc.

Also through the additional yellow/white connection terminal it powers the devices that need an additional voltage.

A status led indicates the correct functioning of the 640mA power supply EIB KNX.

4 modules DIN rail mounting.

The p.s. must be connected to the 230V p. line for correct operation.n.

€145.00 Regular price €245.00
Tantron Binary Imput 32IN

The  Binary Input Universal Interfaces achieve the functional applications via conventional push buttons/switches, communicate by technical binary, which are used to control the devices such as the Dimmer Actuator/the Relay Actuator, to control domestic appliance indirectly. At the same time, they also enable the control of LEDs. The extremely compact design enables the device to be inserted in a conventional 60 mm wiring box or another type can be installed in the distribution boards on 35mm mounting rails according to EN60715. 

The Universal Interfaces have many functions that can be used in a wide variety of application areas. The following list provides an overview:

---Switching and dimming function.

---Control of blinds and shutters.

---Sending of values e.g. temperature values、water line.

---Invocate and storing of scenes.

---Trigger an LED for reporting an operation.

---Operation of various loads by multiple push button actions.

---Operation of several loads in a fixed switching sequence.

---Standard counting and differential counting.

Each channel of a device can adopt any of the functions described above.

€190.00 Regular price €255.00