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Mueller DINUY RF One Channel interface 2-Fold...
  • One channel interface for 2-fold pushbutton.
  • Dimmer: Connects, disconnects or dims the linked actuator. It sends ON/OFF or Dimming_Up/Dimming_Down depending on which of the two buttons is pressed the duration of the action.
  • Blinds/Shutters: Controls a linked blind actuator. It sends Step_Up/Step_DOwn or Move_Up/Move_Down depending on which of the two buttons is pressed and the duration of the action.
  • Scenes: Saves and recovers two different scenes (one scene in each button). It sends Scene_Save or Scene_Load depending on the duration of the action.
  • Installaton in standard mechanism box, behind pushbutton.
  • Compatible with: CO KNX 001, IT KNX 001, CO KNX 002, PE KNX 001, MI KNX 001, RE KNX DMS, RE KNX LE1 & RE KNX LE2.
Mueller CO2 -Air Quality Sensors & Controls...
  • Detection of air quality
    (CO2-concentration, rel. humidity, temperature)
  • CO2-sensor (Measuring range 390–10.000 ppm)
  • CO2-value is atmospheric pressure compensated
  • Sensors for CO2-, temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure measurement
  • Humidity sensor (Measuring range 0...100% rel. humidity)
  • Temperature sensor (Measuring range 0°/50°C)
  • 5 binary and analogue inputs
Mueller Digital time switches 4 channels
  • Daily, weekly and yearly program
  • 10 years battery-reserve
  • Up to 300 permanent switchings by date
  • Manual permanent mode
  • Automatic sorting of switching times on readout
  • Fully automatic daylight saving time
  • Elapsed time and pulse counter
  • Pulse function
  • Cycle function
  • Timer function
  • Channel button function
  • DCF function
  • Security by PIN-Code
  • Illuminated display
  • Data-key function