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The Domo Energy offers the service of programming of KNX devices in two ways:

1) The customer is already in possession of the ETS project but does not have the software

The customer has to send the ETS files at the e-mail address tecnico@domoenergystore.it  and indicate the group address of the device to be programmed. The service has a fixed cost. Purchased devices will be delivered programmed and ready for use. 

2) The customer does not have the ETS project :

The customer must send the signal list of functions to be performed for each device at the email address tecnico@domoenergystore.it. The signal list is the description of the function to be assigned to each contact of the input device and the output device of each device to be included in the ETS project. The programming of a single component is not possible.

To be working the home automation system requires power supply, input devices and output devices; the set of these devices is used to create the ETS project. The service fee depends on the device to be programmed. Purchased devices will be delivered programmed according to the functions specified by the customer during the purchase.

The Domo Energy is not liable for any errors in the signal list of the customer. In case of incompatibilities of associations between inputs and outputs the technical department will contact the customer. Any changes of already configured and delivered devices will be subject to additional reprogramming costs.

The price of the programming does not provide the assistance on the building place.