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BES WebServer KNX Remote Control iOS Android Samsung Smart TV

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The webserver all

ows to control a KNX installation using an iOS, Android or Samsung Smart TV devices remotely through the Ingenium server or a PC connected to the internet with any type of web browser. This webserver has Wi-Fi connectivity and 1 Ethernet port (10 Mbit/sec). The control applications are completely free.  




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Programming is done through TCP/IP using a specific tool (ingenium tracker) to configure network parameters. It is included in the SIDEKNX software or available in App Store for iOS (MAC, iPad o iPhone) and in Play Store for Android (Tablets o Smartphones). SIDEKNX is required to upload the project. 

The device requests a password to access the installation control and displays the status of the installed devices with icons on color 3D drawings or photographs, as configured in the Development System (SIDEKNX).  It supports up to 100 control planes and up to 100 scenes. 

About functionality:

 Wi-Fi Connectivity

 Automatic Software Update

 Increased number of simultaneous connections

 Increased speed in processing information   

New product

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