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Datec Electronic AG EIB/KNX DALI ACTUATOR 1x8 Outputs

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The Datec KNX/DALI Actuator 1x 8 Outputs is a device for controlling and monitoring up to 8 DALI ballast. Each lamp may also be controlled manually using the buttons on the device. Part of the monitoring is directly visible on the device itself. This is useful for commissioning lamps and test the installation even without KNX Programming. KNX bus Power is sufficient for this purpose. 

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Functional description

 KNX / DALI Actuator for 8 independent DALI channels.

 DALI supply included in the gateway, powered by the KNX bus:No need of external      DALI power supply, no need of powering KNX/DALI Actuator    with supply voltage.

 1 KNX input / 1 DALI line output.

 KNX and DALI are isolated with 4kV.

 Each lamp can be set up, controlled and monitored independently

 Each lamp can be tested in handmode by buttons on gateway

 Lamps can be addressed physically or randomly

 Lamp addressing can be done manually by buttons on gateway, or by KNX telegrams

 LEDs for status indication of each lamp

 Operating temperature -5°C … +45°C

 Housing: 135 x 45 x 19mm (including connectors)

New product

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