GVS EIB / KNX 1-10V DC Control Device

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KA/D 04.T1.1
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1~10V DC dimming controller with standard DC 1-10V control interface, has 4 independent channels and one channel can control up to 20 electronic control gears (ECG), such as 20 ECG/36W, 12 ECG/58W, 10 ECG/2x36W or 6 ECG/2x58W.

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1~10V DC control device with standard DC 1-10V control interface, can be connected with electronic dimmable ballast/EVG or other devices with 1-10V interface to control the lights, such as dimming, scenes, switching and so on.The devices adopt screw terminals to achieve electrical connection; the connection to the EIB/KNX bus is established via a bus connecting terminal. The input need connect a 230V AC operation voltage.

The following list provides a functional overview:

 Switching the light  

 Relative dimming

 Absolute dimming

 Status report

 Setting 15 scenes  

 Staircase lighting function

 Preset value and modify preset value functions

KA/D 04.T1.1
New product

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