GVS EIB / KNX Dimmer Actuator 4 folds LED

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KA/D 04.L1.1
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The dimming actuator is a device dimming the luminaries directly by the data in the memory, and the data is processed in advance in the programming software according to the distribution characteristics of the luminaries’ brightness. The control circuit of dimmer transfers the brightness data value to output voltage or current to control the brightness of the luminaries 

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The dimmer with LED constant current drive can drive LED directly, has four channels, each channel is independent and with two independent output. The output current of each channel can be set by linked switch current button and channel switch current button and can output 350mA/700mA or 700mA/1A.The devices adopt screw terminals to achieve electrical connection; the connection to the EIB/KNX bus is established via a bus connecting terminal. The input need connect a 12V~48V DC operation voltage.

The following list provides a functional overview:

 Switching the LED light 

 Relative dimming

 Absolute dimming

 Status report, error report

 Setting 15 scenes 

 Staircase lighting function

 Bus recovery (or reset) function 

 Preset value and modify preset value functions

 Set output current for per channel manually

 Switch/relative dimming via manual buttons

KA/D 04.L1.1
New product

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