BES Multifunction Actuator 16 Digital Outputs 16A (9 DIN)

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16S-K CT431620
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Its 16 outputs allow to control 16 on/off electrical circuits, 8 blinds (2 outputs for one blind motor: up phase and down phase) or 4 fan-coil. It also has up to 8 arithmetic and logic units (UAL), as well as up to 8 timers/counters that allow programming complex logic operations, timings, counters, etc 

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KNX actuator with 16 digital outputs

On/Off actuator with 16 outputs, free voltage relays with a cutting power of 16A@230V each one. Multifunction programming. Outputs work simultaneously or independently in different modes (binary outputs, blinds, fan-coil, etc). Arithmetic-Logic Unit (ALU).

PARAM: Programming by ETS parameter application.

  • Supply: 29V DC from KNX BUS
  • Consumption: 9mA from KNX BUS
  • Switching capacity: 16A @ 230V AC per output
  • DIN rail mounted (9 modules)
16S-K CT431620
New product

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