GVS EIB / KNX Room Controller

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The room controller is a simple, low-cost solution for the hotel rooms, which can be used to achieve a single room control, such as heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, water/fire alarm, emergency buttons and the blinds etc. But also can be used in apartments, hospitals, office buildings, assisted living facilities etc.

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The room controller compact design enables cover most requirements of the electrical installation of the residential and building control systems and integrate most inputs and output interfaces for a single room automatic control as well as covers all standard functions for a single room control.

It offers the following functions:

 20 passive inputs :

  1. Switch function
  2. Dimming function
  3. Control of blind and shutter
  4. Sending of values e.g temperature value, time etc.  
  5. Control and storing of light scenes
  6. Value/force output. 

 12 output (4x16A , 8x6A)

  1. Time function: on/off delay  
  2. Time function: flashing switch
  3. Time function: staircase lighting  
  4. Provide 8 scenes
  5. Logic operation: AND, OR, XOR, GATE function
  6. Status response
  7. Forced operation, two data types: 1bit/2bit
  8. Set the relay contact position after bus voltage failure and recovery
  9. Manual switch outputs
New product

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