GVS EIB / KNX RS485 to KNX convertor

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KNX/EIB RS485 converter is designed to convert RS485 to KNX/EIB for an intelligent building control system. It is one-way communication, built-in 2000V ESD protection.

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he device on the 485 bus sends a telegram to converter according to the predefined protocol, and then the converter will the telegram convert to KNX/EIB telegram that can be sent on the EIB bus, so that the 485 device can control the KNX device on the EIB bus.  

The functions of the KNX/EIB RS485 are summarized as follows:

 Open communication protocols for the RS485 interface

 To receive and send communication telegram in accordance with preformatted

 For converting the telegram from the 485 bus to the KNX/EIB telegram, and sending to the KNX/EIB system, to control the KNX devices

 ACK report and executed result report

 Support bus monitor and filter functions (the filter table can be modified arbitrarily. Max. Number of group address is 254 in the table.)

 The baud rate of the convertor can be programmed

 To read and write any data type defined in the KNX standard (Max. 14 byte)

New product

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