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Multi-Zone Heating & Remote Control

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Kit KNX "Multi-Zone Heating & Remote Control" controls the 2-point heating system distributed in 5 separate zones.For each zone, a thermostat and temperature sensor are provided, which through the actuator controls the opening and closing (on/off) of the individual electrovalve and the boiler. The web server allows remote control of smartphones, PCs and tablets. 

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New product

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Bes Thermostat LED Black Indicators Clima Control Room

  • Eight completely programmable independent touch areas. 
  • Includes a discretized PI regulator to achieve greater comfort and energy savings. 
  • Built-in humidity sensor. 
  • Dew point measurement according to relative humidity and temperature. 
  • Arithmetic Logic Unit 
  • Timers/counters.
  • Also available in the White version

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