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IoT Controller I/O Solar Multi-Interface Converter

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IoT Controller I/O Solar Charging Multi-Interface Converter is an external LoRaWAN node controller used for acquiring data from multiple sensors. Contains various I / O interfaces such as analog inputs, digital inputs, digital outputs, serial ports. IoT Controller I/O Solar Charging Multi-Interface Converter r simplifies the implementation and replacement of LoRaWAN networks. UC501 I / O can be easily and quickly configured via NFC or wired USB port. IoT Controller I/O Solar Charging Multi-Interface Converter  is suitable for all internal and external applications. The UC501 I / O provides solar or integrated battery power and is equipped with an IP67 enclosure and M12 connectors. The I / O controller can be installed in harsh environments.

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Controller I/O Convertitore Multi-Interface Solare

Utilissimo, mi ha permesso di convertire molti sensori tramite la RS485ad una rete LoRaWAN...Consigliato.

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Smart Light Controller

WS558 is a LoRaWAN Smart Light Controller for the monitoring and control of lights. With 2 light circuit types and 8 switches, WS558 can fit in different rooms without the need for rewiringsand reduce the renovation costs. Besides LoRaWAN , WS558 Smart Light Controller can be controlled whithout agateway via Milesight D2D communication protocol. WS558 Smart Light Controller can be widely used for wireless control of indoor lights, fans, heaters, machines, etc. Power data and switch status of the Controller are transmitted via LoRaWAN protocol. The LoRaWAN technology enables encrypted radio transmissions over long distances while consumingverylittle power. Also, users can check visualized data of the Controller through Milesight IoT Cloud or the user’s own Application Server.

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