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Datec Electronic AG EIB/KNX Binary Input 8 fold & Status Leds 8 fold

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The Binary Input is a device commonly used in offices,hotel rooms, apartments...The device can interface 8 potential-free contacts to control lighting, shading or other equipment.Up to 7 of the potential-free contacts can be used to connect temperature sensors,(local temp., outside temp., inlet air, …). The device can also drive 8 Status LEDs
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Functional description

 8 local binary inputs, 5VDC with 2k2Ohm series resistor provided by device. Needs only dry contact

 Each binary input can be used to interface push-buttons or switches

 The binary inputs can be used to control lighting, shading or other KNX equipment

 8 outputs for status LED’s, 5VDC with 3.6kOhm series resistor provided by device. Needs only low current LED

 No need of mains voltage for application download

 Flush mounted  Operating temperature -5°C … +45°C

 Dimension 50.3 x 46.7 x 17.1mm  Weight 25g

New product

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