Datec Electronic AG EIB/KNX Motor Control 230VAC +/- 10%, 50Hz F 100W

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It is a flush mounted device,for ceiling fan applications in offices, hotel rooms..It is used for varying ceiling fan speed as determined by KNX input or control systems.Also,speed can be varied by push buttons directly connected to the MOTOR CONTROL device.The ceiling fan must be of standard motor type, without control electronics. If using multiple speed fans, always force fan in max speed.

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Functional description

 Ceiling fan motor controller by leading edge phase dimming

 230VAC is protected by 1A T fuse

 Single output for ceiling fan with standard motor

 No need of mains voltage for application download

 Mains failure recognition  Local binary inputs for varying speed, 3.3VDC with 10kOhm series resistor provided by device. Needs only dry contact

 Flush mounted  Operating temperature -5°C … +45°C

 Dimension approx. 50.2 x 46.7 x 29.4mm  Weight 48g

New product

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