640mA BUS Power Supply DGS 366 (AUX 30V)

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640mA BUS Power Supply DGS 366 (AUX 30V) is a high efficiency 640mA bus power supply with a small footprint of only 4 units (72 mm). The 640mA BUS Power Supply DGS 366 (AUX 30V) device has a bus choke and also provides an output for the auxiliary power supply. The integrated KNX node on the 640mA power supply monitors the output current, the bus voltage and the temperature in the switchboard. 640mA BUS Power Supply DGS 366 (AUX 30V) has several logic functions which are available for application purposes. The configuration of BUS DGS is done with the ETS (version 4.2 or later). An easy-to-read front panel OLED display on the DGS BUS allows the user to view operating parameters locally on the device.

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New product

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Power supply
21~30V DC, bus powered

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