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D.E AG EIB/KNX Power Supply 640mA (6 DIN)

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The KNX POWER SUPPLY 640mA is a DIN Rail mounted KNX device with integrated choke, to directly power a KNX line. An auxiliary 30V output is available for some extra loads, as displays, binary inputs, …

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Functional description


 Integrated KNX choke

 230VAC, 50/60Hz input, protected by 1A T replaceable fuse

 KNX line output

 Auxiliary 30VDC output

 Total output current limitation approx. 1.2A

 Output overvoltage protection

 Reset circuit, Set / Rest button on front panel

 LED indicators for voltage OK, Current limitation, Short-Circuit, Reset

 3-Stage KNX overvoltage protection

New product

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