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    BES 4 Digital Inputs & 4...

    €77.00 -40% €46.20

    4 digital inputs being possible to program KNX bus events for activation or deactivation of each.Programmable inputs to work with switches or push-buttons.Each input can work independently or simultaneously in different modes: binary inputs, shutter/blinds or dimmer inputs.4 digital low-voltage outputs which allow to control signalling LEDs. 

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    BES Dimmer LED 2x200W

    €155.00 -40% €93.00
    • 2 Regulation channels for LED lighti ng 
    • 2 low voltage input (SELV) for pushbutton (non programmable) 
    • 8 Programmable scenes executed from bus commands 
    • Remote enable / disable of bus control
    • Overload circuit protection and thermal protection 
    • Digital regulation control based on microcontroller with more than 200 regulation points 
    • Last position memory in case of power failure 
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    BES Dimmer RGB + White LED...

    €140.00 -40% €84.00
    • 4 Regulation channels that can be controlled individually or simultaneously. Maximum operating output current: 3A per channel. 
    • 8 scenes with memorization function. 
    • 8 programmable sequences with the possibility of simultaneous execution.
    • PWM (pulse width modulation) dimming method. 
    • Short-circuit and overload protection. 
    • Last position memory in case of power failure.
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    Bes Electric Consumption...

    €196.00 -40% €117.60

    Electric consumption meter of up to three channels. Possibility of establishing consumption limits. Alarm function in case of leaving the thresholds. Interference to procedures of the interfaces of Bes and Apps of Ingenium. Included 3 Current transformer of 60A.

    Scarica DATASHEET

    Scarica  MANUALE 

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    BES Fermax Smile Dominium...

    €280.00 -40% €168.00

    Bi-directional communication gateway between KNX protocol and Fermax Smile Dominium video intercom.Allows to control and manage KNX devices from the Smile Dominium video intercom, using a project uploaded from the SiDEKNX software.Direct connection to the Fermax Smile Dominium video entry system and the KNX bus.  

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    BES Gateway Daikin Air...

    €160.00 -40% €96.00

    Integrates an indoor Daikin climate unit  with KNX system.Five operating modes (auto, heat, cold,  ventilation and dry). Three fan speeds (low, medium, high). Includes energy saving mode. Arithmetic-logic unit and timers/counters. 

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    BES Gateway Dali 3 Channels

    €168.00 -40% €100.80

    It is a gateway to control lights with DALI protocol in a similar way to any KNX dimmer. It allows to control up 64 DALI ballasts in three channels with broadcast commands, that is, all of them simultaneously per channel.It includes an integrated power supply to feed the DALI, it also has 3 input to control the channel by conventional pushbuttons and the possibility to configure up to 16 scenes.  

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    BES Infrared Movement...

    €72.00 -40% €43.20

    • High immunity infrared passive sensor
    • 2 detection channels
    • Secondary brightness dependent channel
    • Embedded installation and discreet sensor
    • Brightness level learning function
    • Detection area:Ø 5m at 2.5m height

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    BES Multifunction Actuator...

    €90.00 -40% €54.00

    Its 2 outputs allow to control 2 on/off electrical circuits or 1 blind (2 outputs for one blind motor: up phase and down phase).The cut off capacity is 16A@230VAC / potential-free relay output. If necessary, insert a contactor to control higher power circuits.Modes: binary outputs, blinds or thermo-valves. Support for Arithmetic and Logic Unit  

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    BES Touch Buttons...

    €105.00 -40% €63.00

    Capacitive push-button with 4 independent touch areas, completely programmable.LED indicator associated with each touch areas. Square format. Universal distribution box size. In-built temperature sensor to measure and to send the information to KNX BUS. 

    • Supply: 29V DC from KNX BUS
    • Size: 88 x 88 x 8mm
    • Mounted on universal box, screwed on wall
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    BES Vertical Capacitive...

    €394.00 -40% €236.40

    The panel has been designed to show all controls on a single page including 8 (up to 32 into 4 pages). It also includes a specific interface for climate control with an internal thermostat. The ability of the panel to generate a wifi network to allow it to be controlled locally from any iOS or Android device, simply by downloading the official Ingenium applications. 

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    BES WebServer KNX Remote...

    €430.00 -40% €258.00

    The webserver all

    ows to control a KNX installation using an iOS, Android or Samsung Smart TV devices remotely through the Ingenium server or a PC connected to the internet with any type of web browser. This webserver has Wi-Fi connectivity and 1 Ethernet port (10 Mbit/sec). The control applications are completely free.  

    Download IL DATASHEET

    Download IL MANUALE

    Download IL SOFTWARE 

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