Light-Node LoRa D4i Controller (868 MHz Long Range)

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ZH 868 71LW-E
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Light-Node LoRa Controller for use with ZHAGA socket luminaires meeting DALI-2 and D4i specifications. The Light-Node LoRa controller provides plug-and-play installation on the lamp. The Zhaga socket is a newer and more compact connector, specially developed for today's LED luminaires. The Light-Node LoRa controller is suitable for both outdoor and indoor installations. The Smart Controller Light-Node LoRaWAN allows the individual remote management of street lamps, projectors and all led lamps equipped with DALI-2 / D4i / Osram DEXAL / Philips SR drivers etc. Light-Node Smart Controller is designed and optimized for LoRaWAN ™ networks (long range RF wide area networks up to 15km). It is equipped with autonomous operation at predefined times with an integrated light level sensor. Monitoring of electrical parameters (measured by the DALI-2 D4i driver): V, W, A, Wh, PF, frequency etc. Light-Node LoraWAN reduces energy costs immediately by up to 35%. Results obtained thanks to intelligent switching on / off, targeted progressive dimming and efficient consumption management. Furthermore, the overall operating costs are reduced by up to 40% thanks to punctual maintenance.

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ZH 868 71LW-E
New product

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Adoperato per la regolazione della luce nella mia serra..Su richiesta mi hanno confezionato un box custom. Consigliato!!

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D4i Sensore Movimento & Luminosità Zhaga Socket

The IP65 multi-sensor is DALI-2 and D4i certified device which combines motion sensor and light sensor. The device performs motion detection and measures illuminance level. The D4i certified multi-sensor can be easily integrated into D4i LED drivers or luminaires seamlessly, and with standard zhaga interface socket, the sensor can easily fit into various luminaires with no tools required. The sensor-equipped luminaires just need to be connected to mains power. The result is increased occupant comfort and significant energy savings that meet the most demanding building energy codes. The sensor is IP65 rating, which enables it to be used for outdoor luminaires.

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