ABB EIB / KNX Energy Actuator, 3-fold, 16/20 AX, MDRC (4 DIN)

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SE/S 3.16.1
New product

Records the energy consumption of the connected electrical loads in the load circuit.Various electrical variables can be monitored and load peaks can be limited by simple load control. The 3 output channels can be manually operated and display the current switching state. The Energy Actuator can switch resistive, inductive and capacitive loads. 

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The Energy Actuator can switch three independent electrical AC current loads or one three-phase current load via KNX using floating contacts. The outputs can be manually switched on and off. The switching states are displayed. The device is especially suitable for switching loads with high peak inrush currents such as lighting equipment with compensation capacitors or fluorescent lamp loads.


  • Recording of the active consumption with a main meter and a flexibly programmable intermediate me- ter for each output. The intermediate meter can be started and stopped in dependence on defined events (1 bit telegrams, time, and consumption). Warnings can be sent on the KNX or the output can be switched depending on these events.
  • Current, voltage, active power and frequency can be recorded and monitored with the aid of threshold values. Warnings can be sent on the KNX or the output can be switched depending on these events. The recording of apparent power, power factor and crest factor are also available.
  • A simple load control can be implemented. Every Energy Actuator can be configured as a master, and the total power of a system by up to ten further Energy Actuators can be recorded. Load shedding stages are sent on the bus, and the devices are shutdown according to their own load shedding stage.
  • Function Time: Staircase lighting, switch ON and OFF delay and flashing
  • Recall 8 bit scenes
  • Logical functions AND, OR, XOR and GATE
  • Functions forced operation and safety
  • Selection of the default position at bus voltage failure and bus voltage recovery
SE/S 3.16.1
New product

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