ABB EIB/KNX Valve Drive Actuator 12CH 230V (4 DIN) VAA/S12.230.2.1

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Controls thermoelectric valve drives (e.g. TSA/K) in heating or cooling systems. Each three outputs are protected against short-circuit and overload. With manual operation and status display. 

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  • Cyclic monitoring telegram (In operation) 
  • Limit number of sent telegrams 
  • Sending and switching delay after bus voltage recovery 
  • Limit rate of telegrams 
  • Reset error messages for all outputs 
  • Request status values via object 

Manual operation

  • Disable/enable via object 
  • Automatic reset in KNX operation after a time 
  • Manual operating status 


  • Error messages (short-circuit/overload) 
  • Reaction on bus voltage recovery 
  • Type of valve drive 
  • Control - Control value 1 bit (on/off) 
  • Control value 1 bit (PWM or on/off) 
  • Status control 1 bit/1 byte 
  • Cyclic monitoring of control value 

Output Functions

  • Block 
  • Forced operation 
  • Valve purge
  • Activate via object
  • Adjustable purge duration
  • Cyclic purge
  • Status valve purge Characteristic curve correction 
  • Status byte  
New product

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