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BES Temperature Sensor & Thermostat

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• Temperature sensor 0 to 51 ° C
• Temperature Controller: 2 points, or continuous PWM
• PI control algorithm
• Control system hot / main heat output and additional on/off
• Flush mounting in box with vented cap mechanism
• Simple logic unit  

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KNX temperature sensor with thermostat

It is suitable for use as an additional temperature probe for any KNX temperature control system but also can be used as a main control thermostat in a room as it incorporates all necessary functions for it. 

Temperature sensor with a range 0–51°C. For remote controlling of the area temperature where it is installed. Includes PI regulator for controlling temperature with higher accuracy for better energy efficiency and comfort. On/Off, PWM o continuous temperature controller for main heat/cool system and additional. Easy logic unit.

Ventilated lid for universal box integration.

  • Supply: 29V DC from KNX BUS
  • Consumption: 10mA from KNX BUS
  • Size: 55 x 45 x 5mm
  • Mounted built-in on distribution box
New product

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