ABB EIB/KNX Room Thermostat Fan Coil Display White 6138/11-84-500

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The Fan Coil ambient temperature controller with display records the current room temperature and controls the heating and/or cooling. It also controls 2 and 4-pipe Fan Coil units and conventional air-conditioners 

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The Fan Coil ambient temperature controller with display is a continuous KNX ambient temperature controller for fan convectors in 2 and 4-pipe systems. It measures the current ambient temperature (actual value) and sends a continuous manipulated variable (0 - 100%) to a fan coil actuator to maintain the desired ambient temperature. The device operates in both heating and cooling mode. 

The ambient temperature controller is fitted with push-switches and an LC display to show the current operating modes and values. The ambient temperature controller is very easy and intuitive to operate with the use of international symbols on the push-switches and in the display.

The device has five push-switches:

- ON/OFF, comfort/standby switch

- Temperature up

- Temperature down

- Fan stage adjustment

- Switch display of units °C/°F  

New product

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