GVS EIB/KNX Attuatore 12CH 16A Misuratore Corrente (12 DIN) ARCD-12/16.1

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KA/R 12.16.1
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The switch actuators are the modular installation devices, with 2, 8 and 12 outputs for selection, using EIB BUS connection terminals to connect to the system. The switch actuators are connected to the AC power supply directly instead of an extra voltage supply. 

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It is able to switch from 4 to 12 independent electrical AC loads or three-phase loads by the switch actuators with maximum output of 16A per output and manual switch, as well as visible switching status.

There are same following programming functions for each output:

-time function: on/off delay

-staircase function with the warning and adjustable staircase lighting time

-scene, preset control: 8bit/1bit

-logic operation: AND, OR, XOR, gate function

-status response -forced operation and safe function

-threshold function setup

-control of electro thermal valve function

-selection of preferred status after bus voltage failure and recovery 

KA/R 12.16.1
Nuovo prodotto

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