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The Blind/Shutter can make indoor air more fresh and make environment more comfortable, meanwhile, can also bring many benefits to our lives, such as: Aesthetics and energy-efficient,make room clean and easy clean; block ultraviolet radiation into indoor, protect furniture and avoid carpets from fading;protecting personal privacy;providing protection against intruders.

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The output contacts for the directions UP and DOWN are mechanically interlocked so that voltage cannot be applied at both contacts at the same time. The pause on change in direction can be set via the parameters On bus voltage recovery, the action can be set via parameter for the Shutter actuator. The Shutter actuator for 230V AC drives.

The following functions can be set via the application program:

 Movement UP/DOWN

 Stop/Louvre adjustment

 Move into preset position (up to 2 preset positions)

 Set preset position (modification of the preset position during operation)

 Move to position 0…100%  Adjustment louvre to position 0…100% (only Blind working mode)

 Scenes

 Automatic sun protection

 Monitoring of wind, rain and frost protect (cyclical)

 Block

 Forced operation

 Status display of the current position, status display of the current operating mode

 LED display

 Two operation mode, Venetian Blind and Shutter

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Cavo Verde Bus KNX EIB-Y(St)Y 2x2x0,8 -100m

Cavo KNX di installazione schermato  di dimensioni 2 x 2 x 0,8 ø, 4 conduttori twistati a "quarte stellari", colori dei conduttori:1.coppia rosso + nero, 2° coppia bianco + giallo.Matassa da 100m

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